“Design is a funny word. Some people think design is how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, design is really how it works.” Steve Jobs

What makes DiGeronimo different is our Reliable CARE. Reliable Capable Astute Responsive Empathetic.


A client expects whoever it hires to perform on time and within budget.  DiGeronimo gets no extra points for providing contract documents on time that produce a constructed project within the budget DiGeronimo provides.


A client expects a quality product.  DiGeronimo gets no extra points for putting quality into contract documents; rather, a client expects quality to become evidenced by what the client gets out of the completed construction project.  Clients usually cannot judge the quality of the completed construction project from the quality of the contract documents.


Architectural Professional Services are intangible.  Professional Services are custom fit to the client’s needs.  A client receives a ‘deliverable’ like construction contract documents, but the service itself is intangible.


Architectural Professional Services require human interaction.  The architect and the client, and the engineers, and the construction workers, and the regulating agencies all must participate in creating the service.


The key ingredient for the client in establishing a relationship with an architect is trust.  Clients take greater risks when hiring Professional Services when compared with their purchasing of a product.  The transaction involves hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.


DiGeronimo provides Reliable CARE.  We are Reliable Capable Astute Responsive Empathetic.


Reliable –We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we going to do it.


Capable – We are knowledgeable, courteous, trustworthy, and confident.  Our clients feel their situation is in good hands.


Astute – We are smart and perceptive.  We provide quality and coordinated services in a neat, clean, attractive manner.


Responsive – We are accessible.  Our clients can easily reach us by phone, text, and e-mail.  Principals and staff all have a ‘second-in-command.’  We are in-town and available when our clients need us.


Empathetic – We understand our client’s needs and the specifics of their special requirements.  We know our clients and the industry.


Reliable CARE means that when the client needs us, we are there with experience and support.  We are there keeping the client briefed and informed of progress, schedule deviations, conflicts, stakeholder issues, statistics, and facts.  We are accessible and available not only for day-to-day assigned task activities – but also whenever a problem arises.  Problems do not arise on a set schedule; problems arise off-hours, in crisis mode, and require immediate responses.  By performing all these aspects for our clients, DiGeronimo provides Reliable CARE.