Project data sheet

NYC School Construction Authority – Capital Improvement Projects

New York, NY



NYC School Construction Authority
30-30 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, NY

DiGeronimo PC provided full architectural professional services to the New York City School Construction Authority (NYC SCA) for their Capital Improvement Projects (CIP.) Responsibilities included developing scope reports, preparing construction contract documents, and providing construction period services at various schools.  Assignments ran from small (Resolution A Projects) to complex.


Following NY State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) guidelines, DiGeronimo prepared SHPO submissions for some assignments, documenting architectural work for schools which have been identified as historically significant.


Following Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates, DiGeronimo retrofitted schools for universal accessibility, for some assignments.  For other assignments, DiGeronimo provided auditorium upgrades, library upgrades, gymnasium upgrades, multimedia centers, flood elimination, window replacements, exterior masonry repair, roofs, and parapets.


The following are only a few of the school projects DiGeronimo completed as Prime Contract holder with SCA:

  • PS 5, Brooklyn, built 1930, SHPO designation
    • Paving, Window replacement, Flood Elimination
  • PS 11, Staten Island, built 1918, SHPO designation
    • Paving, Exterior masonry repair, Roof, Parapets repairs
  • HS 73, Brooklyn, built 1922, SHPO designation
    • ADA Accessibility upgrades
  • PS 95, Brooklyn, built 1915, SHPO designation
    • Exterior Masonry Repairs
  • PS 221 Brooklyn
    • Flood Elimination, Paving, Safety upgrades, Roof, Exterior Masonry, Parapet
  • IS 227 Brooklyn
    • Auditorium Upgrade, Flood Elimination
  • JHS 303, Brooklyn – ADA Accessibility
    • Auditorium Upgrade, Flood Elimination
  • PS 398, Brooklyn
    • Curtain wall replacement
  • HS 525, Brooklyn
    • Interior Spaces renovations & repairs