Project data sheet

Private Aircraft Terminal JFK International

New York, NY



Air Ops One
825 East Gate Boulevard
Garden City, NY

DiGeronimo PC designed a Private Aircraft Terminal at JFK International Airport as one integrated hub that concentrated private/diplomatic aircraft services all in one location with unmatched facilities.


Air Ops One dramatically transformed the private corporate and diplomatic aeronautical services industry with access to JFK and a unique, security driven architectural design, which, for the first time, brought together the three fundamental elements of aviation ground support:


  • Elite World Class Facilities and Services that provided comfort, efficiency, ease of use in an architectural envelope of safety for executives and diplomats – and crews
  • Maintenance Capabilities while on layover (including certified parts 3D printing technology) for private aircraft and for commercial aircraft lacking in-house repair operations

State of the Art Security Technology including whole aircraft scanning and the use of facial recognition with oxygen level data readers to clear passengers (to identify COVID, SARS related virus carriers.)