Project data sheet

Three Ventilation Buildings – Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

Manhattan, Governor’s Island, and Brooklyn, New York



Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Bridges and Tunnels
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (BBT)
160 Hamilton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11231


Building Stone Institute Tucker Award 2006 for Excellence in the Use of Natural Stone on the Façade of the Governor’s Island Ventilation Building

DiGeronimo PC was Prime Consultant to Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Bridges & Tunnels for complete architectural / engineering services at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (BBT) for the following scope of work:

  • Replace the façade cladding on the Governors Island Building with granite wall panels using an innovative European metal framing system.
  • Restore the facades of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Vent Buildings
  • Replace elevators at the Brooklyn Battery and Governors Island Buildings.
  • Rehabilitate egress facilities at the Brooklyn Battery, Manhattan, and Governors Island Buildings.
  • Rehabilitate the dock and fender system at the Governors Island Building.

The DiGeronimo team’s responsibilities included investigation, document research, digital photography of existing conditions, underwater investigation, and material sampling for testing. DiGeronimo coordinated design objectives and assembled administrative submittals including quality assurance, health and safety plans, and traffic control plans.

DiGeronimo specified recycled materials to achieve sustainable goals such as recycled plastic lumber for the Governors Island Building’s dock and fenders.

The DiGeronimo team met MTA’s WBE goals; 88% of contract fees were awarded to Woman and Minority owned firms.